[Go Fiber] has been extremely reliable for us. Our business has become extremely dependent upon our internet connection and any disruption to our connection caused us many problems. Since going to fiber optics with [Go Fiber] we have had no disruption to our connection. The service has been prompt and thorough. They are easy to work with and quick to answer or return calls. We are very happy with [Go Fiber]!
Dr Ryan Robison
SouthWest Vision
[Go Fiber] has changed our business, it is as simple as that. We upload a tremendous amount of content and were constantly being bombarded with "burst speed" issues. We were actually disconnected from one internet company because they couldn't handle our amount of traffic, we were apparently tying up their lines. [Go Fiber], however, has been flawless. We couldn't be more grateful for their service.
[Go Fiber] is the best internet my company has ever had. They came and met with me and help my hand through the whole process. Now we have lightning fast fiber at prices that were half what i was quoted from other companies.
Adam Rue
St. George Design
Our experience with [Go Fiber] has been solid & reliable, perfect for our large number of VoIP phones coupled with our bandwidth demands.
Kevin Davis
Patriot Home Mortgage